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Compactor Storage System
Compactor Storage Systems we offer can save up to 80% area as one single aisle is applicable to operate all the shelves. Rendered with high storage capacity, these can reused to produce more storage space.

Safety Lockers

Safe lockers we offer are used to store several valuable possessions, such as precious metals, currency, gemstones, luxury goods, marketable securities, important documents and many others. These are made to provide protection from fire, flood, theft, tampering, etc.

Fire Resistant Cabinets

The Fire Resistant Cabinets are apt for the storage of severalcombustibles, flammables, hazardous materials, corrosives, pesticides, aerosols and others. These can do away with the dangers and allow for boosted functionality.

Security Doors

The Security Doors have been built to do away with the unauthorized entry of intruders. They can bear the force from storms as well as weather abuse. These doors are offered with high level of protection and provide high functionality.

Mobile Storage Rack
Offered Mobile Storage Racks we offer can reduce the aisles in order to deliver more space for keeping the files as well as confidential documents securely. These are best suited in Pharmaceuticals, Factories, Defence, Banks, Hospitals, Railways etc.
Electronic Safety Locker
Offered optimum quality Electronic Safety Lockers are applicable for keeping valuable objects safe and secured. These are delivered to clients in various sizes, designs and other specifications.
Office Filing Cabinets
Office Filing Cabinets we offer are made from fire retardant materials. These are the good heat conductors that are proffered with assortment of drawers. These are functional for homes as well as workplaces.
Storage System

The Storage Systems we deal in are used for carrying, saving, and pulling out the data and belongings. These are made to retain the information for short-term as well as long-term. These systems are functional storage devices that are well-known for their robust make.